Working with work and income to help the long unemployed  and we have monthly vits to all different WINZ centres to do job information mornings – We also promote the Government back work scheme Te Heke Mai, This is a very brief overview of Te Heke Mai to give you a small understanding of how the programme works. The programme provides personalised, wrap-around support for people starting or returning to work after receiving a Government Benefit.
The Te Heke Mai programme consists of a mobile phone app and a human coach on the end of the phone. We, the coaches, support both the employee and the employer through the first 12 months of their employment journey by providing advice, tools and resources to support the new relationship and help the pair overcome any challenges. In a nutshell, it is designed to give workers the best possible start in their new job and decrease churn for employers.


PrintNZ is the Industry Association for the print, packaging and visual communication industries.
As a national organisation, PrintNZ is committed to utilising the industry’s collective strength to ensure that we have a strong and vibrant industry now and in the future.
Our experienced team works with businesses of all sizes to provide information, advice and practical assistance on issues affecting our members and our industry.
PrintNZ provides a wide range of services including:
  • Employment & Industrial Relations advice
  • Regular communications with members
  • Information for Business Planning
  • Health & Safety
  • Industry Promotion
  • Lobbying
  • Education & Professional Development
  • Networking events
  • Cost savings


We’re a registered charity, in action since 2007, promoting good health for the men of New Zealand. We want all men to make good health choices, to take action to live healthier every day, and to have easy access to health information that relates directly to them. We want to reduce illness and disease caused by being overweight and making poor diet choices. We want to save our brothers from dying of illnesses that could have been cured if they’d taken action sooner. We’re all about helping men live healthier and happier.
We provide health information for men, connect men with support agencies, fund men’s health scholarships, run workplace health talks, and create inspiring health campaigns. We work collaboratively with other health organisations to provide the best information available. We are an information hub for men’s health services in New Zealand.
There are a few things we’re not. We’re not a voice for men and we don’t speak on behalf of men. We’re not a funding body for men’s health projects. And we’re not a health service provider; we don’t provide medical or counselling services.

Immigration New Zealand

CPL Recruitment has helped over 50 immigrants find jobs in NZ and help them settle in NZ, we offer specialist advice on securing work and visas, we have our own internal immigration advisor who helps immigrants with visas and relevant documentation

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